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Air Charter

It’s cost-effective for cargo to fly commercially, chartering an entire plane becomes the best solution when time is money.

When it comes to critical supply chains a missing part or component could equate to losing money every minute until the part is replaced and the supply chain is running smoothly again. When it comes to medical supply chains, a missing drug or instrument could even mean life or death. When a large, heavy-lift, or oversized shipment is urgently needed elsewhere in the world, sometimes there simply is not enough room on a commercial cargo plane to accommodate the move. In those situations air charter cargo is your solution.

Sea Charter

Ship chartering is the hiring out the use of a ship by a vessel owner to another company, the charterer, for the transportation of goods. There are many different types of charter contracts, various cost components, and of course many different players involved. The two main players in ship chartering are the ship owner and the charterer.

Chartering plays a crucial role in the shipping industry as it helps in the efficient transportation of cargo. It allows cargo owners to transport goods to different parts of the world without having to invest in a ship themselves.. Moreover, chartering provides flexibility to both cargo owners and shipowners as they can choose the type of charter that suits their needs.

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